Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial Floor Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is a flooring material that is applied on concrete surfaces as a decorative and protective coating. Epoxy flooring systems are usually strong and durable thus making them a desirable option for many industrial and commercial applications. If you have a facility that houses a lot of activities, it is advised that you apply a floor coating. Among all the floor coatings that are currently being used, epoxy is the best material.  Even though epoxy flooring systems are easy and cheap to install, a single mistake can cost you the whole project. Any epoxy coatings that are applied improperly will chip and peel within some days after installation. Epoxy systems are low maintenance, and highly resistant to abrasions and chemical spills. When installed properly, they can serve you for a long period of time. This is why you need to partner with experienced flooring contractors like us. We work with our clients to ensure that all the flooring projects we work on are done to perfection and that they meet all flooring standards.

Common Places For Epoxy Coating

Here are some of the places that Epoxy flooring systems are used:

Industrial Floor Coatings    

Industrial floors often put up with a lot of heavy loads, extreme abrasions, and high impacts from the many activities that take place on the floor. Without a proper industrial flooring system, the concrete floor is more likely to deteriorate, crack, or buckle. Epoxy flooring systems are robust and can be used on industrial floors to strengthen them further and increase their overall lifespan. By installing a durable and robust epoxy flooring system, you give your floor the strength it requires to carry out your industrial activities safely.

Factory Floor Coating    

Very few surfaces can handle the activities that take place in a factory set up. Factory floors are constantly exposed to chemicals, heat, and heavy machinery on a daily basis.     For this reason, concrete floors can't handle this type of setting and will crack under pressure and are very difficult and expensive to maintain.  However, with an epoxy flooring system, the floor can further be hardened. An epoxy coating will turn a factory into a clean, productive, and safe working environment that will withstand use and abuse for a long time.

Warehouse Flooring Coating    

Warehouses are some of the busiest places among all the other facilities that are involved with processing, production, and manufacturing.  Busy with wheeled cards, foot traffic, and heavy forklifts, warehouse concrete floors require an epoxy coating. When adequately coated, they can run for years without disrupting the activities in the warehouse.

Automotive Shop Floor Coating    

An automotive facility should have a clean and versatile floor that is attractive and compelling. The floor should be outstanding enough to make customers feel special. You need to have a flooring system that compliments your cars to grab your customers' attention.     Epoxy flooring system offers a timeless and seamless finish that is both beautiful and durable, and most importantly, it offers a flooring coating that is going to protect your floor for a long time.

Mechanical Shop Flooring    

Mechanic shops and auto repair shops are some of the facilities that have floors that constantly need to be attended to, on a daily basis. Due to oil and chemical spillages, mechanical shops need floors that are slip-resistant and chemical-resistant. The floors should also be good looking to attract customers too. Epoxy flooring systems offer the best coating for mechanical shops. As a mechanical shop owner, having a flooring system that is stylish and durable will bring you more customers while saving you more money.

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Why Choose Epoxy?

Epoxy is a good material, and most industrial owners prefer to use it. The material is easy to use, easy to maintain and does not cost a lot to buy and install. Do you need a flooring contractor to oversee your project? A flooring contractor is able to direct you towards the right flooring solution for your business, based on design, application, and lifetime value. To learn more about us and what we can do for you, call us today and see how much you can benefit from working with experienced flooring contractors.

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